After several years of attempts, The RI Association of Home Inspectors had a comprehensive Home Inspector licensing law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor in July, 2001. Among other things, the law includes continuing education, Errors & Omissions & Liability insurance requirements, a grandfathering clause & an apprentice program. Clearly this law is very pro-consumer. Unfortuneately no monies were allocated to administer the program. So, in reality, although there is a licensing law in effect, it is not enforced. The state refers to it as an "unfunded mandate". The RI Contractors' Registration Board is currently attempting to correct this situation. With some hard work and good fortune the law may be funded and implemented sometime during 2003. We strongly recommend anyone with an interest in this contact their local Senator or Representative and voice an opinion. For the consumer's sake, it is imperative this law be funded and implemented.

To view the RI Home Inspector Licensing law, the proposed regulations, & code of ethics, please visit the:

RI Contractor's Registration Board.

Massachussetts & Connecticut both have their licensing laws up & running. These laws can be viewed by visiting our "Links" page.