Do I have to be present at the inspection?
It is strongly recommended you do attend. This way you can spend a couple of hours learning about the house. You can ask questions & the inspector can explain the house systems to you as well as show you where the main fuel & power shutoffs are located. This is the perfect opportunity for you to really get to know the house.
What is the cost of the inspections?
Depending on the various inspections ordred you can expect to spend approximately $200.00 & up. Be careful when price shopping. The important questions should include the inspectors qualifications, credentials, experience, continuing education & whether the inspector carries Errors & Omissions Insurance.
How soon do I receive the reports?
In this area many inspection firms provide the home inspection report on site, at the conclusion of the inspection upon payment. Some firms perform the inspection, collect pertinent information, process this information into a narrative report & then mail or e-mail the report a few days later. Prior to scheduling your appointment you should ask which type of report is provided. Often, time is of the essence. Some of the optional inspections such as Radon, Lead Paint & Well Water Tests do take additional time as laboratories are invloved.
Is the Home Inspection a building code inspection?
Absolutely not. In fact the RI Home Inspector Licensing Law clearly states ...."and it is not the purpose of the inspection to identify violations of or non-compliance with governmental codes or regulations". It is however, a dynamic physical evaluation of the current condition of the dwelling.
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